Service Schedule

Normal Sunday services:
Vigil 6pm (Sat.)
Hours & Liturgy 8:30 am
community meal follows

Lazarus Saturday (10/23 April):
Matins Friday evening 6:oo pm

PALM SUNDAY (11/24 April)
Normal Sunday service schedule

Holy Week Services:
Sun-Tues. evening, Bridegroom Matins 6:00pm
Wed. evening, Matins for Holy Thursday 6:00pm
HOLY THURSDAY (15/28 April):
Vespers & Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great 11:30am
Matins (The Service of the Twelve Gospels) 6:00pm Thursday
Royal Hours 9:00am
Vespers & Small Compline (the Descent from the Cross) 3:00pm
Matins (The Lamentations) 6:00pm Friday
Vespers & Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great 11:00am
Reading of the Acts of the Apostles, 8:30pm
 (anyone may read, in turns), continuing to
The Midnight Office, continuing to
HOLY PASCHA (18 April/ 1 May):
Matins and Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (about midnight)
Paschal breakfast follows
Paschal Vespers and community festal meal, about noon

Confessions are best heard as early in the week as possible.  Those who confess from Palm Sunday vigil onwards need not do so again before the Paschal liturgy, barring some major issue.  Remaining confessions will be heard during the reading of the Acts of the Apostles on Saturday evening.

Due to possible health considerations, it is always wise to recheck this schedule (by phone or e-mail) before embarking on travel; some alterations or cancellations might be necessary.

Please call regarding services during Bright Week.  For the most part these will be read privately.